BIN Debit Card

20 BIN Coins

What is Crypto?

ATM withdrawal Fee

2$ BIN

Point of Sale Terminals

1$ BIN

ATM withdrawal Fee for other cryptocurrencies


Withdrawal limits daily/monthly (Equivalent in USD)




What is Bin Coin

Bincoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was created cryptographically which run on an open source software and it is not being controlled by any entity. The Bincoin cryptocurrency payment system is not govern by any government or bank. Cryptocurrency payment gateways have been found to be used by business people to make cryptocurrency payments, which have a lower transaction fee than credit card payments. Bitcoin is a new type of cryptocurrency that serves as the basis for all others. Trading bitcoins has become easier with the aid of so-called crypto robots like Profit Secret, which analyse and execute deals using complex algorithms. The Profit secret app erfahrungen reviews show how this bot monitors the international financial markets and executes profitable deals.
It doesn't matter if it's a Bitcoin or a Bincoin. To trade bitcoins, you must first open a bitcoin account and then choose the finest bitcoin platform. Look into how to create bitcoin account, which will allow you to trade CFDs more effectively.

Investors can use services to divide their investments between various services like P2P loans, Merchant Gateway , Crypto Exchange, etc. The first version of the BIN allows startups to launch and manage ICO campaigns.

P2P loans
Merchant Gateway
Debit cards for everyday use
An exchange and a wallet

Why BIN Coin

A Few Reasons why we might be the right fet

Free Access to banks and Visas are completely at the carefulness of the banks. There are over a billion people on the planet who don't approach a financial balance. Other individuals are level out rejected from opening a record.


As long as you keep your private keys secure you can get to your cash every minute of every day. Bincoin is a worldwide installment framework that never quits running and isn't restricted by "business long stretches of activity."


Bincoin doesn't have any spending cutoff points which implies you can send as much cash as you require Though banks need to confine buys and withdrawals with every day spending limits.

BIN Pay Chat

Interact and pay right from your mobile conversations!
With BIN Pay Chat Feature you can easily send, receive and transact bincoins with your friends, family or clients while you chat.
No need to use separate apps to message your loved ones while sending Bincoins . Chat and pay right from your BIN Pay Chat feature!
Conversational Bincoin Payment
This is Online Chat Payment Service that allows you to chat with your Famile, Friends through Our Peer to Peer Messaging System. Now Its Handy to send Bincoins To Your Family and Friends. One of the best Fun Payment System.
This is Latest Technological Payment Feature in Crypto Era, Where User can send Bincoins Directly via chat . After that user can convert it into USD and Withdraw from ATM .

Bin App wallet

Buy,sell,store , send/recieve BIN crypto with the world's #1 cryptocurrency BIN wallet with Chat Pay Facility. We support Chat pay features where users can pay while chat . Some of the more features are as below :

USD EURO fiat currency conversion rates
Pay Chat feature
Track spending from watch-only addresses
QR Code Support to easily send or receive payments
Graphical Statics Information
Peer to Peer chat facility
BIN Debit Card Access
Withdraw USD in Your Bank Directly
Set 4-digit-pin or authenticate
Feel safe knowing world-class researchers are conducting regular security audits
Remain in exclusive control of your wallet’s private keys
Manage your accounts and view transaction details


Start Q1
  • Development of Blockchain Web Wallet
Sept 2018 Q1
  • Development of All Soft wallets
  • ( Linux , Windows , Apple )
Oct 2018 Q2
BETA Testing
  • Beta Testing of Web and Soft Wallets
Jan 2019 Q2
  • Bincoin Limited Company Registered in London UK
Feb 2019 Q3
Bounty Program Initiated
  • Bounty Program Initiated With Media Promotions
  • Launched Social Marketing
March 2019 Q4
Pre Sale
  • Pre Sale Infinity
  • Bonus With +35%
March 2019 Q5
Pre Sale
  • Pre Sale Platinum
  • Bonus With +25%
March 2019 Q6
Mobile App Wallet
  • Android Wallet Development
  • IOS Wallet Development
March 2019 Q7
BIN Exchange
  • Crypto Live Trading Portal Platform Development
April 2019 Q8
Pre Sale
  • Pre Sale GOLD
  • Bonus with +10%
April 2019 Q9
  • Crypto Live Trading Android & IOS Application Development
April 2019 Q10
BETA Testing
  • BETA Testing of Application Wallet
April 2019 Q11
Merchant Gateway
  • All Crypto Merchant Development With BETA Testing version will be launched
June 2019 Q12
Issue Debit Cards
  • Issue BIN Debit Cards
May 2019 Q13
Official Live
  • BINCOIN Official Project Live
April 2019 Q14
BETA Testing
  • BETA Testing of All crypto Live Trading Portal
April 2019 Q15
BETA Testing
  • BETA Testing of Live Trading Applications

Token Details

  • Token Ticker :
  • ICO token supply :
    50,000,000 (50 Million)
  • Pre mine Tokens :
    100,000,000 (100 Million)
  • Blockchain Protocol :
  • List price of BINCOIN :
    1 BINCOIN = $0.10
  • Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm :
    Crypto Night Algorithm
  • Mineable Tokens :
    10,000,000 (10 Million)
  • Blocksize :
    4 MB
  • Soft Cap:
    5000000 (est. $5.0m)
  • Hard cap :
    20 000 000 Tokens (est. $20.0m)
  • Mining Block Reward :
    Upto 0.03 BIN / Block mine

Token Distribution

  • 35%Development
  • 30%Marketing Tools
  • 15%Infrastructure & Software
  • 12%Legal
  • 8%Reserve
  • 30%Marketing
  • 20%Infrastructure & software
  • 5%Legal
  • 25%Bonus allowance
  • 10%Development
  • 10%Reserve

Tokensale Stages

Pre Sale Infinity
February 2019

1 BTC =
upto 37,000 BIN Coins

Bonus with +35%

30,000,000 BIN Coins

Pre Sale Platinum
February 2019

1 BTC =
upto 35,000 BIN Coins

Bonus with +25%

20,000,000 BIN Coins

Pre Sale Gold
March 2019

1 BTC =
upto 30,000 BIN Coins

Bonus with +10%

We may issue up to 20 Million coins, and probably we will issue less.

Our Team

Zahar Deina

Marketing Manager

Kseniia Deina

Social Media Head

Michael Garcia

Organization Manager

E Launch Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Blockchain Development Company

Jimmy Bigj Red


Pavel Skybin

Security Manager

Sam Agabi

Legal Advisor

Hector Damien Segura

Regional Manager

Adi Kerta Yasa

Regional Sales Director

Greg Linenfelser

Regional Manager

Daniel Frai


Robin Wong

Regional Sales Manager

Austin Huynh

Regional Sales Manager

John A. Arceño

Regional Sales Manager


BIN it self Bank Independent Network.
BIN it self Bank Independent Network , Bincoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was created cryptographically which run on an open source software and it is not being controlled by any entity. The Bincoin cryptocurrency payment system is not govern by any government or bank.

BIN Coin is a coin by itself and it also serves as an exchange platform that allows the customers to trade currency inside the system. In addition to this, all BIN Coin users are provided with Debits cards that can be used anywhere globally yet anonymously.
As earlier said, other Cryptocurrencies are governed by a certain set of rules but with BIN Coin, it gives its users the freedom to transact and its price depends on its investors. Technically speaking, BIN Coin may not be considered as money, but rather as an investment because it has securities that are not easy to invest but they are highly profitable. As a matter of factor, this is an added advantage to invest in it now as the BIN Coin’s demand is rising thus becoming more expensive.
Bincoins can be used anonymously to buy any kind of merchandise. international payment are easily done. with the help of bincoins, this is because Bincoin is not tied to a particular location but globally and is not tied to any kind of rules and regulations like the bank will always mandate you to follow some stated rules and regulations before using their service.
NO . BIN is not ERC 20 based token . It is Designed in CryptoNote protocol with Cryptonight algorithm for mining .
Yes, the incentive program has already started and will operate until the end of ICO Sale. We have 3 Pre Sale ICO Program Named Infinity , Platinum and Gold with Different Bonus Structure 35% , 25% and 10% Accordingly .
Process You Need to go through portal and click on Buy Token button which is in Right side box . You required to fill up the form to join ICO Program . You need to purchase BIN if you want bonus during ICO Program.
You can sell BIN coins in our Exchange Portal named Its now under BETA testing Mode . The process information will be published February 2019.
Pre-sale is starting on February & March 2019, We have 3 Different ICO Phase With different Bonus structure .
We have total 3 Phase of Pre ICO Sale . Infinity ICO Sale : 35 % Bonus on purchasing , Platinum ICO Sale : 25 % Bonus on purchasing, Gold ICO Sale : 10 % Bonus on purchasing .
No , You can not purchase BIN via Debit and credit card during ICO . Once this option will be Live , you can do so . Till date ,you required to use crypto payment options.
Soft cap : 5000000 (est. $5.0m)

Hard cap : 20 000 000 Tokens (est. $20.0m)
100,000,000 (100 Million)
40 000 000 Tokens (est. $40.0m)
The token price at the time of the token sale is: 0.001 BTC
After ICO , we are going to provide you , your secured password of web wallet. Using that you can login into web wallet . Your coins will be securely kept in this wallet. We can change password later or use the encryption with two factor authentication for making your wallet secure.
we are going to provide 5% Refferal Bonus in terms of BIN coins in wallet on purchasing of BIN during ICO Sale . For this Extra earning opportunity , you can share your Refferal code that you got during ICO Joining via email .
As you have successfully joined ICO program, you would received Mail with your reffer code . Now You no need to do anything , After ICO , we will send you Mail with Your password of web wallet . So you purchased BIN with Bonus BIN will be reflected in your wallet .

If you have not made payment During ICO , you will be deactived from ICO program. You will be also notified for the same.
As You got Refer code in your Mail , You just need to share this code with Your friends . Once Your friends fill up the below form : and Purchase BIN . You will be eligible to get Refferal Bonus in Your wallet .
Once you have purchased BIN during ICO , you will get BIN in your wallet after ICO finished , You will notified via email for the same.

Blockchain Tools

Linux Wallet

Download v1.1.0

Mac Wallet

Download v1.1.0

Windows Wallet

Download v1.1.0